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Your employees are a key business asset, which is why it’s so important to ensure they are not only both physically and mentally fit for the job, but remaining safe whilst doing so. Occupational health services will help to keep your employees healthy and safe whilst they are at work, allowing you to manage any possible risks in the workplace that could result in work-related injuries or ill health. Ensuring you comply with the right industry standards and government regulations through our occ health services will save your business from incidents leading to court action, fines and reputation damage.

We offer a range of occupational health and safety services, spanning across all industries. Book an appointment today with our occupational health specialists to carry out important employee health and safety checks, such as face fit testing, health surveillance, HGV medicals, and fit for work medicals.


Occupational health is a workplace medical service for supporting staff and employers, and helping wellbeing in the workplace. It can be used for both physical and mental health.

The HSE guidelines state that a ‘responsible person’ should be elected to manage your health and safety, but when it comes to more serious hazards in medium to high-risk jobs, it is often more effective and much safer to use an Occupational Health Provider like us. Our occupational health and safety specialists have years of experience and are fully qualified to manage and protect your employees whilst and prior to them carrying out their job.

Occupational health is crucial to the safety of your employees, and you have a responsibility as an employer by law to ensure they are safe at work. Without a proper occupational health screening, occupational health and safety risk assessments and monitored ongoing mental and physical health, your employees are exposed to dangers that can result in serious consequences.

The services you will need will depend on factors such as the type of job and what is involved. If you are not sure, we have a short occupational health quiz which can help you to figure out which services you need. Alternatively, you can speak to one of our occ health specialists by contacting us directly.

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