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Maintaining a healthy workforce is a shared goal of many businesses. At certain times of the year, this is harder than others and the cold months of winter can feel the hardest thanks to one thing – flu season.

The flu virus is common, highly contagious and it can have unexpectedly severe side effects. Hundreds of thousands of people suffer from the respiratory illness every single year because it is so highly transmissable. For some people, the influenza virus causes only a mild illness that clears up in about a week. However, in others can cause a more severe illness, and sometimes even death.

Vaccines can help protect your workforce from flu, ensuring you employees don’t suffer and helping your business stay productive.

Do I need a corporate flu vaccination program?

Workplace flu vaccinations are recommended if you wish to protect your employees from seasonal flu. This highly contagious disease may generally only cause short term illness but it can have long term implications.

For your employees, flu can lead to health complications that will continue to affect them for weeks or months after the initial infection passes, causing conditions such as post-viral fatigue and susceptibility to other infections.

Reduce Absenteeism

Your business as well as your employees can benefit from a corporate flu jab service as it can significantly help to reduce workplace absenteeism.

In the UK, millions of working days are lost due to ill health caused by the flu, with around 15-20% of the population becoming infected in a normal year. This costs employers over £29 billion every year in absence costs, productivity levels and sick pay. On an individual basis, flu can cost businesses an average of £522 per person.

Research has concluded that the widespread use of the flu vaccination in the UK could save the economy up to £28.9 million in sick day costs, in addition to increased workplace productivity levels.

Vaccinating your workforce is the most cost-effective way to reduce the impact the flu virus can have on your business and protect your staff from the onset of illness. Reduce the risk of illness and employee absence for your staff with our workplace flu vaccination programme.

What is involved in corporate flu vaccinations?

Before the vaccinations takes place, we will work with you to determine the number of employees who require the flu jab. We will then order the vaccine, where we are given a delivery date. We are then able to contact you about a clinic date.

We are able to carry out workplace flu vaccinations ourselves, so the experience is as quick and convenient as possible for your business and your employees.

Each employee wishing to be vaccinated with the flu vaccine will need to fill out a consent form beforehand. This will feature a number of basic questions and we will review the answers before administering the vaccine. We also are obliged to let the employee know the possible side effects. You cannot force someone to take the vaccine if they do not wish to have it. 

If you are hoping to book a flu clinic for your workplace, we advise that they are requested plenty of time in advance to ensure delivery of the vaccinations. 

Flu jabs from September to December

The flu vaccination season starts in late September through to December time. This allows your body to build up the immunity it needs by the start of the flu season, which is typically January to April. The best thing to do is to book plenty of time in advance so we are able to provide you with your vaccinations when you need them.

What is the cost of corporate flu vaccination?

The cost of workplace flu vaccinations will depend on the number of employees you are planning to vaccinate as well as other factors. If you wish to get a quote for the exact cost of your own workplace vaccinations, please contact us for more information.

COVID-19: Can I catch the flu and COVID-19 at the same time?

For the last few years, flu season has had the added complication of COVID-19 to contend with. They are both contagious respiratory illnesses that affect similar organs, and many people worry whether it is possible to be infected with both the coronavirus and the flu at the same time?

The answer is, yes it is possible. There have been reports of patients who have contracted both illnesses at the same time. Public Health England has warned people that although it is not common, being infected with both the flu and COVID-19 face serious consequences. 

Corporate Flu Vaccinations in Derby

At DBOCC Health, we will ensure that you and your employees receive their flu vaccine safely and professionally at your own place of work, causing minimum disruption to their day. 

Corporate Flu Vaccinations with David Barber Occupational Health

If you would like to learn more about our flu vaccination service or get a quote on how much it costs for our flu vaccination service, please get in touch with us.

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