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The law states that HGV drivers must be in fit health in order to legally drive commercial vehicles in and around British roads. To ensure a driver complies with these guidelines, each and every new driver is required to undergo a HGV medical exam, with accompanying D4 paperwork. This is then submitted to the DVLA by the Doctor who carries out the examination. This examination is standard for all HGV, LGV, PCV, Taxi and Ambulance drivers, and it is a way of ensuring drivers are safe and fit to drive. It is down to the DVLA to decipher from your HGV medical form whether or not you are safe to drive, it is not down the opinion of the Doctor. If you need further information on how the HGV Medical works, contact our qualified team today.

What does a Driver’s Medical involve?

You may be wondering what a HGV medical examination involves. The medical is split up into two separate parts:

  1. In the first part of your HGV medical, our specialist Doctor will carry out an interview with you to discuss any past or current medical issues that may affect your driving. Here, it is imperative that you are open and honest, as any violation could mean you face some unsightly consequences. You could even have your licence taken off you.
  2. The second part of the examination is where the Doctor performs physical tests; looking at everything from your eyesight to sleep disorders.

The entirety of the HGV medical examination usually takes no longer than 30 minutes. During this time they will fill our the D4 medical form, and will later submit this directly to the DVLA. This form can be downloaded from the gov.uk website to give you a further idea of what you are likely to expect.

How fit do I need to be?

As part of the test we carry out, whilst we do assess your general health, there is a list of areas we are required to thoroughly check in order to ensure you meet guidelines and legislation.

Here is a list of some of the areas checked as part of the HGV medical:

  • Eyesight – Whilst there are sight regulations in place as a car driver, these are more stringent for HGV drivers. You’ll have each eye tested individually, with and without your glasses. We’ll also look at your total field of vision, so we can get a fully comprehensive understanding of your eyesight.
  • Neurological Problems – For drivers facing neurological problems, there are serious consequences for car and HGV drivers alike. Our Doctor will ask you questions about a variety of things ranging from epilepsy and Parkinsons to any previous brain surgery.
  • Mental Health – It is important that you’re not only physically fit, but mentally fit as a HGV driver. As part of your examination, you will be asked various questions around your mental health; the Doctor will bring up topics such as depression and any other psychiatric issues you’ve faced.
  • Alcohol and Drugs – Just as it is with cars, it is against the law to operate a HGV under the influence of drugs and/or alcohol.
  • Diabetes – It’ll be important for us to understand if you have diabetes, as there are certain concerns and processes that’ll need to be put in place for those that require regular insulin to control their diabetes.
  • Heart Conditions – As part of our fully comprehensive examination, our Doctor will look out for the signs of any potential heart conditions you might face.
  • Sleep Disorders  – It’s important for us to understand any sleeping disorders you face, as these are a common cause of accidents in HGV drivers. Our understanding will then enable us to put the steps in place to manage this so that you can drive safely at all times.

If You Develop Medical Conditions

Much like with a regular driving license, Licensed HGV drivers are required by law to report any changes in health to the DVLA. In doing so, you may be required to undergo a new HGV medical examination.

Are HGV Medical Tests Mandatory?

Yes! Each time your HGV licence is up for renewal you are required to undertake a new HGV medical exam. As mentioned above, whilst our Doctor fills out the D4 form the final decision is down the DVLA.

Can My GP Carry Out The Test?

Any qualified Doctor or practitioner is qualified to carry out the test, however, you will generally find that not only will your GP have limited availability – they are also very expensive (compared to a private Doctor). Head over to our prices page for more information. Our Doctors do your test at a time most convenient to you, so you don’t have to worry about taking time off work for the process.

Can People Who Need Glasses Or Contact Lenses Hold A HGV Licence?

Yes, provided your vision with glasses or contact lenses meets the legal requirements. However, the DVLA states as part of your HGV examination you should have your eyesight tested without glasses or contact lenses also.

How David Barber Occupational Health Can Help

We can help ensure that you remain fully compliant with all workplace and governmental laws that surround HGV drivers and their medical exams, whilst getting you the results you require. Contact us to discuss your requirements and we’ll help ensure your HGV drivers are fit to drive.

Online Management System

One of the many benefits we offer at David Barber Occupational Health is the use of our online management system. You will be able to access your reports from our various services and tests for each of your employees. The online system we use ensures all of your data is secured, only accessible to you via a unique login and has ISO accredited security standards. Find out more about our client system by emailing us.

If you are searching for a “HGV medical near me” and would like to find out more about our HGV medical service offering, or book in with our Doctor please do get in touch. David Barber Occupational Health is here to help!

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Yes, anybody driving a commercial vehicle is legally required to undertake a drug and alcohol test. That includes HGV, LGV, PCV & ambulance drivers.

£160.00 per medical. Each medical is carried out by an Occupational Health Physician.

The entire process of a HGV Medical exam usually lasts no longer than 30 minutes.

As part of your drivers medical, you will go through a series of questions that go through any past or current medical issues that could potentially affect your driving ability. The second half of your medical exam will involve different tests that look at everything from your eyesight to your sleeping habits.

The D4 form is the paperwork that accompanies your medical exam. It is filled in by the doctor doing your exam and then sent off to the DVLA for them to assess if you are within the legal requirements to be able to drive a commercial vehicle.

When initially applying for your HGV license you will need to complete the medical, every 5 years thereafter you will need to sign a declaration to state you are still medically fit to drive a HGV. When you turn 45 this changes to completing a medical exam every 5 years and every year after you turn 65.

If it has been over 5 years since your last medical you need an HGV medical renewal, and if you are over 45 you need to arrange your medical urgently. Even more urgently if you are over 65 and it’s been over a year since your last exam. There should be an expiry date on certificate/license/paperwork.

D4 Medical forms are available to download from the DVLA website, but we can provide one for you. You can download the form from https://www.gov.uk/dvlaforms.

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