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Due to the amount of time an HGV driver spends on the road, the law states that you must be in fit physical health and good mental health in order to drive commercial vehicles in and around Britain.

To ensure a driver complies with these guidelines, each and every new driver is required to undergo an HGV medical test as part of their HGV driving test. If you need further information on how an HGV Medical works, contact our qualified team today.

What is an HGV Medical?

An HGV medical exam is a medical assessment that must be carried out as part of an HGV driver’s licence application.

This examination is standard for all HGV, LGV, PCV, Taxi and Ambulance drivers – it is a way of ensuring drivers are safe and fit to drive. The examination involves a doctor filling out a DVLA created form that records important medical and health details.

It is then down to the DVLA to decipher from your HGV medical examination report whether or not you are safe to drive – it is not down to the opinion of the doctor who conducts the assessment.

An HGV medical exam has two parts:

  1. In the first part, our specialist Doctor carries out an interview with you to discuss any health issues. These questions establish your medical history as well as assess your mental health and explore any potential chronic neurological conditions or sleep disorders you may have. It is vital you answer these questions honestly. This test exists to reduce your chance of having serious accidents or causing a risk to other car drivers or road users. If you are not honest the consequences could be severe.
  2. The second part of your HGV medical exam includes a physical examination. Your doctor will carry out a number of medical tests including a blood pressure check and a visual assessment (both with and without your glasses or contact lenses if you wear them). Further tests to check your vital signs and identify any symptoms of a sleep disorder or chronic drug use.

The entire exam usually takes no longer than 30 minutes. During this time our doctor will fill out the written assessment (D4 medical form) which they will later submit directly to the DVLA.

We can supply a D4 medical form for use during your assessment. However, if you wish to explore the medical standards expected from HGV and PCV drivers before this medical test, the form can be downloaded from the gov.uk website.

HGV Drug Test

Throughout your HGV medical examination, your doctor will be looking to spot any signs of chronic drug or alcohol use. If they believe you are a regular drug user or chronic alcoholic, then you will not meet the HGV medical requirements and are likely not to be issued with an HGV driving licence.

It is illegal to operate an HGV with drugs or alcohol in your system, and some employers will carry out randomised drug and alcohol testing as well.

Do I Need an HGV Medical?

You will not be able to pass your HGV driving licence unless you also have the accompanying paperwork (also known as a D4 Medical certificate) to confirm that you’re in good enough physical and mental health to meet the rigorous demands of an HGV driving job.

If you wish to hold this licence you will need to pass an HGV medical test. It is mandatory in order to protect yourself and other road users.

How Long Does an HGV Medical Exam Last?

Most people will not need to renew their HGV licence until they turn 45. There may be an exception to this if you have a health condition that needs monitoring, but this is rare.

When you are issued with HGV driver’s licence certificate/paperwork, it will have an expiry date on it. You can refer to this in order to check exactly when you need to arrange your medical.

HGV Medical Renewal

The process of HGV medical renewal is the same as your first application. You will need to complete a new form with all the relevant information, including any updates to existing health conditions or new issues that have arisen since your last test.

HGV Medical at 45

After the age of 45, the DVLA requires existing lorry drivers to have a new HGV medical examination every 5 years. This is in case a new medical condition starts to impact your ability to drive. After you turn 65, this frequency increases to every year.

How Fit Do I Need To Be for an HGV Medical Test?

In order to pass an HGV medical assessment, you will need to be in reasonably good health. Some underlying medical conditions can cause serious consequences if they impact your general health while driving a commercial vehicle.

In particular, you must not suffer a severe cognitive impairment. Anyone suffering from neurological problems, such as Parkinson’s or Alzheimer’s disease, or severe memory problems, is unlikely to be cleared for HGV driving.

Other health issues may impose a short-term limit on your HGV driver’s license. For example, if you undergo heart bypass surgery, you will have to fully recuperate and wait at least 3 months before it can be granted.

It is impossible to say exactly what medical conditions will disqualify you, as they will affect every individual differently. This is why we carry out a physical assessment and vision test as well as taking a complete medical history.

If you would like more information about which existing medical conditions are likely to disqualify you from holding an HGV licence, take a look at our blog post on how fit you need to be to pass your HGV exam. Alternatively, you can contact our Occupational Health team for further support.

HGV Medical Near Me

If you are looking for an HGV medical in Derby, David Barber Occupational Health can give you a simpler, quicker experience than an NHS GP. Our private doctors are highly experienced with providing these medicals and will be able to help you with any questions or additional needs you may have.

Occupational Health Services in Derby

We at David Barder Occupational Health are able to offer quick, comprehensive HGV medicals to anyone in Derby or the surrounding area. Contact us to find out more.

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Yes, anybody driving a commercial vehicle is legally required to undertake a drug and alcohol test. That includes HGV, LGV, PCV & ambulance drivers.

£160.00 per medical. Each medical is carried out by an Occupational Health Physician.

The entire process of a HGV Medical exam usually lasts no longer than 30 minutes.

As part of your drivers medical, you will go through a series of questions that go through any past or current medical issues that could potentially affect your driving ability. The second half of your medical exam will involve different tests that look at everything from your eyesight to your sleeping habits.

The D4 form is the paperwork that accompanies your medical exam. It is filled in by the doctor doing your exam and then sent off to the DVLA for them to assess if you are within the legal requirements to be able to drive a commercial vehicle.

When initially applying for your HGV license you will need to complete the medical, every 5 years thereafter you will need to sign a declaration to state you are still medically fit to drive a HGV. When you turn 45 this changes to completing a medical exam every 5 years and every year after you turn 65.

If it has been over 5 years since your last medical you need an HGV medical renewal, and if you are over 45 you need to arrange your medical urgently. Even more urgently if you are over 65 and it’s been over a year since your last exam. There should be an expiry date on certificate/license/paperwork.

D4 Medical forms are available to download from the DVLA website, but we can provide one for you. You can download the form from https://www.gov.uk/dvlaforms.

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