Importance of Lateral Flow Testing On-Site

20th May 2021

Covid-19 has impacted our day to day lives far beyond what we could have imagined. Now that restrictions are easing and the lockdown is lifting in the UK, we are slowly able to return to our normal lives. However, we now know that between one in three and one in four people who are infected with Covid-19 display no symptoms. It is crucial that during this phase of re-opening we are able to quickly identify Covid-19 cases. 

Lateral Flow Testing offers a quick and reliable way to pick up Covid-19 cases and safely allow employees back into the workplace. We offer Lateral Flow Test Training for workforces, helping them ensure employees are generating accurate results and keeping themselves and their colleagues safe.

How do Lateral Flow Tests Work?

Lateral Flow Tests are a vital tool in reducing the spread of Covid-19. The test involves rubbing a long cotton swab over your tonsils (or back of throat) and inside your nostrils. The results of the Lateral Flow Test are available within 15-30 minutes and similar to a pregnancy test the results can be read at home and not sent to a lab.  

The current UK advice is to complete a rapid flow test twice a week to check if you have Covid-19. If you test positive you and your household will need to self-isolate at home for 10 days. 

Benefits of Lateral Flow Testing

  • Creating a safe work environment: one of the biggest advantages of lateral flow testing is that you are able to keep your employees safe and provide them with the peace of mind that their workplace is Covid-19 free. This is especially important if your workforce is unable to socially distance from each other.
  • Lateral Flow Tests offer quick results. You can rapidly identify who is Covid positive as test results are produced within 15-30 minutes of completing a lateral flow test.
  • Lateral Flow Tests are highly effective at picking up infections in those with a high viral load who we know are the most infectious.
  • Recent evidence suggests that Lateral Flow Tests are 99.9% accurate and that false positives are present in only one in a 1000 tests. Therefore, they are a great tool in keeping track of Covid-19 cases.

Lateral Flow Test Training

Offering Lateral Flow Tests to your workforce is extremely important in reducing the spread of Covid-19, however, it is crucial your employees can carry out the test properly to ensure they are receiving correct results. We offer in-person Lateral Flow Test Training to businesses, helping them make sure they are keeping their employees safe from Covid-19. We are also able to order Lateral Flow Kits for you directly from our suppliers.

We offer Lateral Flow Test Training in person and kick off the session with a short video on Lateral Flow Testing. Next, we go through the Lateral Flow Testing Kits and explain what each item is and what it is used for. We then demonstrate to your employees how to self test for Covid-19 and answer any questions they may have about the process. Finally, we ask them to carry out a Covid-19 Lateral Flow Test and we show them how they can interpret the Covid-19 test results.

Getting Employees Back To Work

Creating a Covid-19 secure workplace is vital in encouraging employees back into the office and Lateral Flow Tests are a great tool in doing this. By carrying out testing on all employees twice a week, you can keep on top of any Covid-19 cases and isolate employees accordingly. Establishing a comprehensive back to work plan is vital in keeping your employees safe. 

Through social distancing, workplace sanitation, offering mental health support and more – there are numerous ways you can make the back to work transition both easier and safe. 

Take a look through our post on how to stay safe when returning to work for more information on creating a workplace that is covid secure.  We also have a free return to work risk assessment that is downloadable and easy to follow.

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