The Importance Of Taking Holiday

11th April 2017

There are two purposes of this blog; to tell you how important holiday is and, because I practice what I advocate, to inform you of my upcoming holiday. Don’t worry, DB Occupational Health will be left in the capable hands of Kate!

It’s important that employers and employees understand the benefits of taking breaks from work and the detrimental impact not taking holiday can actually have!

How not to use your holiday entitlement

People often tell me they use holiday entitlement if they are feeling unwell or run-down but it’s important that you do not eat into your holiday entitlement and dwindle odd days away here and there. If you do this, you’ll probably end up with no holiday left to take a proper break which you need to benefit your mental and physical health as well as your continued productivity at work. You need to recharge the batteries in order to give work 100%.

Penny De Valk, MD of talent management at a global HR services group has claimed evidence shows you become less productive without proper breaks; you’re not going to be as creative and won’t maintain the same intensity level.

Planning your leave

Too often employees feel too busy to take holiday and are worried about the potential of coming back to work with double the workload and a whole lot of missed deadlines. However, this is a problem easily avoided if employees and managers work together to ensure the appropriate plan and cover is in place whilst a member of staff is having that important time off.

If you need help with managing your employees’ holiday, get in touch and see how we can help!

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