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Accidents involving vehicles are the second most common cause of fatalities in British workplaces. Employers have the legal duty under the Management of Health & Safety at Work Regulations 1999 and the Provision and Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998 to ensure their employees are safe in respect of vehicle use as so far as reasonably practicable – which includes determining an individual’s medical fitness and abilities.

Do my employees need a Driver Screening Medical?

If your employees’ job role requires them to operate any kind of company vehicle, then a Driver Screening Medical should be an integral part of your occupational health strategy. The operation of a vehicle involves a complex level of attention and skill to be able to interact simultaneously with both the vehicle and the environment.

Whether the vehicle is a forklift truck, company car, delivery van, mobile plant, minibus, or tractor – individuals must undergo a professional assessment to ensure their capability and ultimately the safety of themselves and others. We offer an expert driver screening service for businesses and organisations across the UK.

What’s involved in the assessment?

The Driver assessment is designed to look at specific aspects of an individual’s health that are likely to affect the safety of operation of vehicles. It involves a mix of health questions, tests and examinations – as long as they are in reasonably good health, there should not be a problem.

A person’s fitness should always be judged on a case-by-case basis, with the abilities of the driver to match the requirements of the driving task. Some cases may require a more stringent standard, for example, if their job role involves transporting highly toxic materials or operating large, heavy vehicles. If the individual is operating a HGV on British roads, then they should undergo a HGV medical exam, with accompanying D4 paperwork.

During the assessment, our experts will check:

  • Vision and visuospatial perception – you will need to be able to see adequately with or without corrective lenses.
  • General health – we check physical health factors such as blood pressure, but will also assess the potential effect of other health issues such as heart conditions, diabetes, and sleep disorders.
  • Neurological health – this includes physical health questions in relation to issues such as epilepsy, seizures, strokes, prior brain surgery, memory problems and blackouts.
  • Mental health – drivers must be in generally good mental health, questions will involve issues such as depression, dementia, cognitive impairment and psychiatric issues.
  • Medication checks – whether prescribed or bought over the counter, some medication can affect a worker’s ability to operate workplace transport.

The assessment should be repeated typically every five years or so, but can depend on factors such as age and the medical condition of the driver. General health surveillance should be performed more frequently.

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We can help your company stay fully compliant with the appropriate Health and Safety at Work Regulations through our specialist health surveillance services. Get in touch if you have any questions about Driver Screening Medicals or to discuss your requirements – to ensure all your staff remain safe whilst on the job.

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