Should You Provide Corporate Flu Jabs For Your Staff?

02nd September 2021

Updated December 2023

Flu season is upon us. This means it is more important than ever that you help protect your employee’s health to keep them happy and productive.

During winter, workplace flu vaccinations form a vital part of this work. The flu virus is highly contagious which is bad news for people who work together closely – like colleagues. After COVID we all know just how quickly viruses can spread, and though the influenza virus is slightly less contagious, seasonal flu can still tear through a team, leaving you severely understaffed.

And this is before we touch on the potential dangers your employees could face from flu, which can still turn from a short-term illness to a more serious issue in vulnerable people.

Yet finding the time to book and attend a flu clinic for a vaccination can be hard. With a corporate flu vaccination service you can help your staff stay protected, as well as reduce your employee absence rate and improve staff morale.

What benefits does a flu vaccination have for your employees?

Getting vaccinated against the flu protects you by reducing the chance of passing the flu virus on to others. This is especially important now with the recent COVID-19 outbreak

The flu vaccine works by triggering the body’s immune system to make antibodies that recognise flu viruses. Helping your immune system to fight the flu if you are exposed to it in the future.

Immunity is not long-lasting but carries through the all-important flu season – usually lasting for around 12 months. This is why it is important to offer your workplace vaccinations every year – it is the only to way ensure your staff are protected against seasonal flu.

What benefits does a workplace flu vaccination programme have for your business?

This might seem odd when you’re paying for a flu vaccination programme, however, this short-term investment could return long-term rewards. It will likely have a range of benefits but each of those

Reduces Paid or Unpaid Leave for Appointments

When you provide staff with flu vaccinations in the workplace, you make them a lot more convenient. This in turn means your team won’t need to take time off work to travel to and from the appointment, and they will receive their vaccination in the most timely manner possible.

Reduced Sickness Absences

The flu vaccine doesn’t just lower your chance of catching flu or experiencing symptoms – it reduces your chance of passing it on as well.

So when you provide your staff with corporate flu vaccinations, you’re slowing down the transmission of flu through your whole team. Even those who are unable to get the vaccination are less likely to pick the virus up in the workplace – which is a major source of transmission.

As well as reducing the number of people needing to be off to overcome symptoms, providing flu vaccinations will see less catching it in the first place.

Improved Morale

Offering a free flu vaccination service shows a commitment to the health and wellbeing of your employees. This in turn can improve staff morale when

Improving staff morale can have plenty of knock-on effects on your business. It increases staff retention and in turn, saves you paying out for recruitment costs as staff leave. It will also increase productivity, your staff will feel more motivated.

Increased Productivity

When you reduce absenteeism and boost morale, you also increase productivity but this isn’t the only way you’ll see a boost to output due to workplace flu vaccinations.

While most staff will only suffer severe flu symptoms for a few days, the aftereffects can drag on for a lot longer. These lingering symptoms can include fatigue, low mood and brain fog which will all have a severe impact on an employee’s ability to work.

Vaccinations reduce the likelihood and severity of all symptoms, including these longer-lasting ones, ensuring your workplace remains productive.

When is the best time to get a flu jab?

Seasonally, the best time of year to get a flu vaccination is during autumn or early winter – before the end of October is best. This gives the body a chance to establish immunity before the rates of infection rise.

What is the flu advice this year?

Most years, the UK government recommends adults get a flu jab, however, free flu vaccinations are not available to all. The eligibility for a free flu shot changes, but they are generally offered to those considered to be high risk (due to age, existing medical conditions or medications) or people who work or live with high-risk people (health care workers, care workers, family members).

Providing a corporate flu jab service is the only way to offer your staff a chance to access the flu vaccine without having to pay for it. It is also the best way to encourage them to have a flu vaccination and harness its benefits for your workplace.

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