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What is Employee Health Surveillance?

Health surveillance, or occupational health screening, can be used to determine an employees suitability for a new role or to assess their capability after being off work for an extended period. Not only is health screening an important indicator for an employee’s suitability for the job, but also gives the employee an insight into their own health and wellbeing. This insight can help employers put in the necessary measures to better support and protect employees in the workplace. You might think that health surveillance is only necessary for ‘high-risk’ industries where there are rigorous health and safety checks in place – when in fact, health surveillance can now be used for any job role, in any industry; helping employees perform happier, safer and more productively in their role.

Pre-Employment Health Checks

It is important to note that pre-employment health screening can only be carried out under certain circumstances. Under the Equality Act 2010, employers are prohibited from asking applicants about their health and medical history, this is in order to reduce the risk of employers not hiring on the basis of a person’s medical status or disabilities. However, depending on the job role there are certain exceptions to this role. These exceptions include:

  • Where certain duties are required in order to carry out the job role, it may be necessary to find out whether the applicant can safely and fully carry out these duties
  • If an organisation is looking to bring greater diversity into the workplace, and gain better representation for various groups (for example disabled people)

If you are wondering whether pre-employment applies to your business, get in touch with your team where we can provide you with some more information.

Ongoing Health Screening

Health screening (or health surveillance) should also be carried out on an ongoing basis, over a prolonged period of time. Whilst some health checks are required by law, such as when employees are exposed to substances or hazards in the workplace. These types of checks form part of a wider health surveillance service. What’s more, health screening can be used to identify risks to an employee’s health, whilst also improving their wellbeing which can have positive long-term benefits.

Through our Health and Wellbeing program, we carry out 4 checks in 10 minutes, looking at:

  • Blood sugar levels
  • Blood cholesterol
  • Height, weight, blood pressure and BMI
  • Urine dip test

These checks to provide an instant snapshot of an employee’s health, and what can be done to help improve this going forward.

What are the Benefits to Businesses of Health Surveillance (Health Screening)?

So what are the tangible benefits to businesses of health screening?

  • Employees are less likely to take time off work for sickness
  • Higher staff morale and increased levels of job satisfaction
  • Improved team working and productivity
  • Reduced staff turnover, as staff feel more appreciated by their employer

Contact us today to discuss your requirements around health surveillance and we’ll help you ensure your workforce remains happy, safe and healthy.

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