High Blood Pressure

In early 2017, I attended one of our regular factories and saw a gentleman to do his health surveillance checks who was working the night shift. He was a lovely gentleman in his early 50’s with a BMI of 34. As I was going through the various tests with him, I took his blood pressure, which was very high – 190/118. On a safety critical point of view, I sent this gentleman home as he operated a machine and occasionally drove a forklift truck.

He was listed for review a couple of months later and since the first appointment he had been to see his GP and had been put on a course of tablets. His BP at that appointment was slightly better but wasn’t as good as it should be given he was taking his medication -165/110. I advised him of this and suggested he went back to his GP for a medication review.

I hadn’t seen this gentleman for some time, but I had heard from some of his colleagues that he had been on long-term sick.


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In April this year, he came to one of my clinics as he had some issues with his skin. He was so thankful to me for sending him home on that first occasion (although he wasn’t so happy at the time!) and for advising him to go back to the GP’s as they had since picked up that he had a heart condition and had recently had a triple heart bypass. Also, it gave him the will to change his lifestyle – he gave up smoking, lost over 4 stone in weight and joined a gym. He was buzzing at that appointment as he really had been given a new lease of life, and I managed to pick up a few of his diet tips on the way!

He is due now for his health surveillance, so I am really looking forward to seeing him again later this year.

Lisa Cooke, OHT

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