Faulty Respiratory Protection Equipment Discovery

Isocyanates are one of the leading causes of occupational asthma in the UK; it is a legal requirement to protect all employees from this substance in the workplace.

We recently worked with an organisation, carrying out face fit testing on their respiratory protective equipment (RPE), which had been in use by employees working on car bodywork. For any activity such as this, it is vital they have respiratory protection from the isocyanates, which can enter an unprotected respiratory system during spray painting – a typical process performed in this line of work.

Following isocyanate testing in car painters, some people displayed raised levels of the substance over standard variations. This was identified as being caused by people wearing inappropriate face masks, so we were asked to go and Face Fit Test the employees to ensure the masks were appropriate. Once completed, the employees were re-tested for isocyanate with much better results than before. This quick and easy procedure ensured that the company was within regulation and was keeping their employees safe, whilst simultaneously lowering the risk of occupational asthma for those with faulty or ill-fitting masks.

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