Drug & Alcohol Testing Service On The Shop Floor

We were recently asked to carry out some drug and alcohol testing for a client.

The client had been tipped off about an employee dealing drugs on the shop floor. They had a drug and alcohol policy in place and decided to go for a blanket approach and to test everyone including management and office staff.

I arrived on site and started to carry out the tests. Throughout the day I was getting a reasonable amount of non-negative results for cocaine which was the substance alleged to being dealt within the factory. There were also a couple of non-negative results for opiates also, however, the lab confirmed these results were in line with declared prescription medications.

Due to the company’s policy, those testing non-negative for cocaine were escorted from the premises. The one’s who tested non-negative for opiates were allowed to stay on site as they had declared in their consent forms, they were taking co-codamol which is an opiate and prescribed by their GP.

Before they were sent home, they were interviewed by HR and asked if they would confirm the identity of the dealer. None of them would say, however, a couple of the older gentleman on the shop floor had heard rumours as to who it was and informed HR.

The operations manager decided to perform a search after the alleged dealer had been escorted off the premises (he also tested non-negative for cocaine!) He searched the locker which appeared to be clean, but the gentleman also had access to a company van. After searching the van, he found a Tupperware box containing small bags of a white substance. He also wiped the steering wheel and gear stick with a forensic wipe which showed up traces of cocaine.

On these findings, the Police were called into the factory and details of the dealer and those who had tested non-negative for cocaine were supplied by HR to the Police. I was also required to make a statement to them about the procedures I followed etc.

A couple of weeks ago, we were contacted by the company thanking us for carrying out the testing as it had had the desired affect within the factory which had also sent out a message to the other factories within the group.

Lisa Cooke

6 June 2019

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