Diabetic Awareness Course

Whilst carrying our annual safety-critical assessments for one our of regular clients, one of the services that we offer is urinalysis. As part of this, the employee provides a urine sample for testing. We test for glucose, protein as well as bloods.

The employee that I saw 12 months ago had shown signs of glucose in his urine and he was advised to seek further medical advice. Today at his annual check-up, the employee stated that he had been to see his GP and was referred to a diabetic awareness course. The employee attended the course once a week for six weeks and now attends once a month. The awareness course provided information regarding diet and exercise, it also offered support for everyone on the course.

Services provided

Further to the awareness course, the employee had made small changes to his lifestyle and tried to eat everything in moderation. He had also attempted exercise to try and lose weight.

We carried out the assessments as normal, and when it came to the urinalysis results, all of his results were clear. The employee was very happy with the result and it has given him the motivation to carry on with the lifestyle changes that he has made.

Kate Franklin – Operations Director and OH Technician

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