Employee Wellbeing: Preparing Your Employees for a Possible Second Wave of COVID

09th October 2020

With cases for Covid-19 on the rise again there has been an increase in local lockdowns and restrictions in the UK. Whether your team is working from home full time, back in the office or on furlough, it is a difficult time for many. It’s expected that restrictions will affect the morale and performance of your employees. A recent study in the UK found that 69% of the population is worried about how COVID-19 is currently impacting or will impact on their lives. Preparing your employees for a second wave of COVID-19 is vital in helping them feel safe and reassured.

Our tips for preparing your employees for a second wave of COVID-19

Open conversations

Many employees will be struggling at the moment: from concern over a loved one to financial worries, there is a lot of uncertainty in people’s lives. Try scheduling regular and informal meetings to give staff the chance to bring up any concerns they may have in a relaxed setting. This can be done via a regular zoom catch-up or in the office. 

Workplace Health & Wellbeing

If your workplace is re-open it is vital you have taken the necessary steps to keep it a safe environment for your employees. Ensure everyone knows the hygiene protocol and create clear signs to display around the office. Having enough hand sanitiser, cleaning equipment and space to socially distance are key considerations. 

For employees working from home be sure to remind them of the importance of taking regular breaks from their screen and of maintaining a healthy work-life balance. 


With the rising number of cases in the UK, it is crucial employees know how to pick up on symptoms as quickly as possible. Make sure they know to look out for a new and continuous cough, a fever of above 37.8C and loss of or change in their smell or taste. 

Testing & Isolating

Encourage your employees to take a test if they develop symptoms and to follow the government guidelines for isolating. The current guidelines (as of October 2020) are that anyone with symptoms should take a test and anyone sharing a household with someone waiting for a test or with symptoms should also isolate. Ensuring your staff understand these procedures will help keep them and everyone else in the office safe. 

Stay up to date

Keep up to date with the news and government guidelines as the situation is rapidly changing. Restrictions may be reintroduced in specific geographical areas to deal with rising cases, therefore you should closely monitor local restrictions. 

Promote positivity

With so much negativity in the news at the moment, it is important to keep up morale among your employees and make sure their hard work doesn’t go unnoticed! Let your employees know you have appreciated their efforts over the past few months. This could be in the form of a virtual awards ceremony, an early finish on a Friday or highlighting to the team the great work that has been produced.

The coronavirus pandemic has caused enormous disruptions and uncertainty to our lives at both work and home. With cases on the rise again in the UK, find out how we can help your business and employees through this difficult time  on our Covid-19 support page.

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