Your Business Occupational Health Plan for 2021: Office Workers

17th December 2020

Occupational health is a specific branch of healthcare that focuses on the safety and wellbeing of employees in the workplace. Occupational health covers a range of services that are designed to meet the needs of your business and employees. 2020 has been a challenging year for many businesses and individuals, which is why it is more important than ever to have your 2021 occupational healthcare plan in place. 

Covid-19 has affected everyone in different ways, and in the UK, we have seen rates of depression double. You may have seen the impacts of Covid-19 across your business, for example, your business may have seen an increase in sick days taken this year, more employees suffering with their mental health or you could have seen an increase in musculoskeletal pain caused from home working. All these factors impact productivity, efficiency, cost your business time and money and can impact employee wellbeing. At DB Occupational Health, we help ensure your employees stay safe in the workplace to save your business money and time and during 2021 this is highly important. Read on to discover the services occupational health can provide…

Occupational Health Services

Sickness Management

Absent employees can be extremely costly to businesses, which is why it is important to have sickness management plans in place. Every year over 170 million days are lost due to sickness absence. The average employee takes 4.4 sick days a year and these are typically the result of colds and flu as well as for mental health reasons. This year the Covid-19 pandemic has meant it is more important than ever to have plans in place to manage sickness absence in your business.

Covid-19 Support

Whether you need mental health & wellbeing support for staff, face fit testings, return to work risk assessments or support for those with Covid-19, occupational health is here to help. We offer Covid-19 support for businesses and can offer sessions via telephone or zoom. 

Drug & Alcohol Testing

Drug and alcohol misuse in the workplace can increase the risk of injuries, absent days and the poor performance of your employees. Ensuring your workplace is free from drugs and alcohol is extremely important and you may wish to book drug or alcohol testing for your staff to enforce drug and alcohol policies. Find out how we can help with your drug and alcohol testing and policies. 

Face Fit Testing

Face Fit Testing checks that masks are fitted correctly and that your employees are not being exposed to harmful chemicals, diseases, fumes and dust. Face fit testing is the only way to check employees have the correct and appropriate respiratory protective equipment (RPE) and is recognised by the Health & Surveillance Executive (HSE). 

During the Covid-19 pandemic face fit testing has become even more important. Face masks are now required in sectors that wouldn’t normally need them such as retail staff, doctors, dentists and dental nurses. It is vital masks are fitted correctly to ensure the safety of your staff and customers.

Health Surveillance

Health surveillance, involves checks of an employee over a prolonged period of time. It is required by law for any employees that are exposed to noise, vibration, radiation, chemicals, fumes, bioagents, solvents, or hazardous substances. Health Surveillance helps to monitor these safety risks, check employee health and help to manage these factors. 

Health & Wellbeing Management

More and more employers are taking an interest in workplace wellbeing and how it influences the productivity and satisfaction of their staff. Stress is a huge factor that impacts absenteeism, labour turnover, poor health and quality of work. Looking after the physical and mental health and wellbeing of staff is more important than ever during 2021. 

Ergonomics and DSE

Ergonomics looks at people and their work environment, it involves designing furniture, DSE (display screen equipment) and workspaces to fit around those using them. As many employees are working from home at the moment it can result in poor working practices causing musculoskeletal pain. Find out more about how Ergonomics and DSE can help your employees.

Occupational Health is more important than ever. Going forward to 2021, it is vital your business has policies in place to help the physical and mental wellbeing of your staff. What occupational health policies does your business currently have and how could you improve them during 2021? If you need a further hand take a look at our full range of occupational health services and get in touch with our OH technicians if you have any questions.

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