Managing Cancer In The Workplace

25th January 2019

Recently I attended a course hosted by ACAS. This was mainly for HR professionals but there were a few Occupational Health professionals there as well.

The course focused on how making reasonable adjustments should be made, where possible, to help an employee return and stay in work.

There are many more treatments available now for cancer. Chemotherapy can be taken at home, as an outpatient in the Hospital or as an inpatient. The side effects of the drugs vary from person to person, and it is very difficult to predict how an employee will respond to their treatment. One thing is for certain though; more people are living and working with cancer than dying from it than ever before.

MacMillan gave the mornings presentation. They outlined the fact that not only do they support terminal illness, but they also support people in work.

For example, they provide a very useful information pack for employers and employees to help sufferers manage both with their treatment and with getting the financial help that they need during treatment if they are on Statutory Sick Pay (SSP) and for when that expires.

They also provide a service through Boots No.7 where people with visible head and neck cancers can go to one of their stores and have make up advice to help hide some of the scarring that can be a feature of Surgery or Radiotherapy.
Although MacMillan do provide an end of life service, they also provide the support leading up to this.

If you are an employer, please click here to see what your responsibilities are.

Your employee is covered by the Equality Act 2010 for the rest of their life from the point of a formal diagnosis. You have certain responsibilities to that employee.

Cancer doesn’t mean your employee can not work again. It is likely to mean they are going to have a break from work to get better and are going to need support to return to work. See how we can help and advice both the employee and the employer during this journey.


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