How Did Dry January Go?

08th February 2019

It might have felt as if it lasted a decade, but January is finally over. Which means Dry January is too. Whether you took part or not, we think you should reflect on how it went for you. If you don’t know already, Dry January is an initiative aimed at raising awareness of alcohol abuse and encouraging people to be more conscious of what they are drinking, to try a healthier lifestyle.

Benefits Of Going Alcohol-Free

Each year, approximately 4.2 million of us give up drinking alcohol for the duration of January. Some people do it for themselves as a challenge, some people do it for their health, others do it for charity. Whatever the reason is, it has numerous benefits. People who have taken part reported losing weight, saving money and even sleeping better, on top of the added benefit of being generally healthier. But this healthiness doesn’t just exist in your personal life, it can help you reap the benefits at work too. From feeling more focussed and driven to gliding through your drug & alcohol tests (if your business has them).

Are There Any Downsides?

Whilst, like most things in life, dry January has its critics – there really aren’t many downsides to staying sober. You might find it tough for the first few days, but with the right support, it should be a walk in the park. Dry January is a big team effort, meaning that you have a huge support network around you that you can rely on.

How Do People Find It?

Dry January has been happening since 2013, so there are plenty of personal encounters to read through. You might even know somebody who has taken the challenge themselves who you can talk to. Most accounts all experience some sudden realisations of a noticeable difference. One account on the NHS website talks about Joanna who found she had fallen into habitual drinking. During her Dry January experience, she found her skin looked better, she lost weight and felt much more energised. You can read more about her experience on the NHS website.

How Do You Get Involved?

It’s so easy to do, there isn’t any kind of formal sign-up process. Just make the decision to go gry. If you want to do it for charity, you can visit the Dry January website to find out more. But don’t think it can only happen in January, deciding to stop drinking can happen at any time you want to. How about giving dry February a shot?

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