Occupational Health Vaccinations: Hepatitis B at Work

09th March 2021

Hepatitis B is a viral infection of the liver that can cause acute and chronic liver disease. The viral infection puts individuals at higher risk of developing serious health conditions such as cirrhosis and liver cancer. The Hepatitis B vaccine is offered on the NHS to babies aged 8, 12 and 16 weeks, however as the vaccination rollout only began in 2017 most adults have not received the vaccine. Therefore, if you work in a profession where you are more susceptible to Hepatitis B, it is recommended you have the vaccine.  

Who needs the Hepatitis B vaccination?

Certain groups of people and workers are more susceptible to Hepatitis B, these include:

  • Bin lorry workers and operators
  • Public toilet cleaners
  • Maintenance staff
  • Nurses
  • Prison employees
  • Dentists
  • Laboratory staff
  • Those with chronic kidney disease
  • Anyone who receives regular blood transfusions and their carers

How does the Hepatitis B vaccination work?

At DB Occupational Health we offer the Hepatitis B vaccine to employers who are looking to protect their staff who are at high risk. The vaccine is administered in three doses (1 every 6 weeks). Once the full vaccination course has been administered we will carry out a blood test to ensure the employee is immune from the infection and has the necessary antibodies. We charge £40.00 per Hepatitis B vaccination and £40.00 per blood test carried out. 

Is the Hepatitis B Vaccination safe?

The Hepatitis B vaccination is made up of an inactivated (dead) version of the Hepatitis infection and therefore it does not result in infection. The vaccination is completely safe, however as with any vaccine individuals may experience some soreness or redness at the site of injection, any other side effects are very rare. 

There is no additional risk of vaccinating pregnant or breastfeeding women with the Hepatitis B vaccination. Pregnant women are at higher risk of infecting their unborn child and of developing a severe infection that can result in disease for the mother and baby.

If you would like to find out any more information on the vaccination programme, pricing or who is at risk of Hepatitis B then please get in touch and we will be happy to discuss this with you.  

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