DSE Assessments

09th January 2020

Late 2019, I attended a DSE (Display Screen Equipment) course at the Health and Safety Laboratory in Buxton.

We started the course by watching a slide show of a variety of workstations, which were arranged to show an example of a worst-case scenarios in the workplace and then discussed what the issues were and why. From unsuitable chairs, clutter and cables running everywhere to broken or damaged computer screens and poor lighting. The group also discussed the health implications of a poorly arranged workstation, such as bad backs, neck, shoulder and wrist problems etc.

Our tutor handed out information on how to carry out a DSE assessment and then demonstrated what to do. We were put into pairs and practised the assessment on each other several times using different scenarios.

After lunch we looked at several different styles of chair, several ergonomic mouse’s, raised and lower desks and other equipment that is available to help with DSE issues.

Each person then had to carry out a DSE assessment, showing that they were competent to the HSE standard. I’m pleased to confirm that I passed!

Anita Bell

Occupational Health Technician

David Barber (Occupational Health) Limited

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