Drug Testing Using A Saliva Test

12th January 2018

At David Barber (OH) Limited we can offer different ways of testing your staff for the presence of drugs. There is the immediate urine test, where a sample is sent to our laboratory for testing and we have recently introduced testing through saliva. This is particularly useful for testing the ‘legal high’ type drugs such as Spice. The assessments also test for many other drugs such as Amphetamine, Barbiturates, Cocaine, Ketamine, Cannabis and Opiates.

To test using the saliva pots, we offer the person a selection of sealed bags containing the testing kits in order that they have the choice, so we cannot be accused of ‘fixing’ the test.

The testing stick is then removed from the bottle and passed to the person to put into their mouth. They are asked to put the device between the teeth and the cheek and kept there until there has been enough saliva collected. This takes anywhere between 2 and 7 minutes depending on how much saliva is produced by that person.

Once enough saliva has been collected (there is an indicator on the side of the test), the testing stick is removed and placed into the collection bottle. The cap is then screwed on allowing the saliva to be squeezed out for testing.

Results are shown on the bottle and if all clear, two red lines will appear on the result window – very much like a pregnancy test. If only one line is present, this shows that it is non-negative and must be sent to the laboratory for verification. A further two samples are sent to the lab for testing.

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