Drug and Alcohol Testing in the Workplace

28th August 2018

We had been contacted by a company based in the East Midlands who employ numerous staff who deal with the public on a day to day basis.

They employ front of house staff, office staff and drivers – totaling 50 staff altogether.

The company had contacted us regarding drug and alcohol testing on their drivers.

We had an initial meeting with the Company Director and advised him of our services, predominantly drug and alcohol testing and what procedures are involved. We also must make sure that the company has a drug and alcohol policy in place. This particular company was not aware of this and therefore they were able to download the policy that we have on our resources page and use it for their company.

Once the details were finalised, one of our Occupational Health team members arrived at the company head office before the drivers were dispersed for the day. This is an example of random drug and alcohol testing service that we carry out here at David Barber (OH) Limited.

Once the necessary procedures have taken place, for example, clearing the bathrooms, pouring blue dye down the toilet etc, we were able to carry out the testing. We see each person on an individual basis.

Alcohol testing is carried out using our police standard breathalyser. Drug testing is carried out using a urine sample test kit, testing for multiple drugs.

In total, we tested 8 people. The results showed that 2 people had cocaine in their system and 1 person has had alcohol in their bloodstream. The drug tests will be sent to our laboratory for the confirmation of results. We normally receive the results within 48 hours.

All results were passed onto the Company Director. Although they weren’t the results that he wanted, he still commented on what a valued service drug and alcohol testing was to his company, especially when the people tested were drivers and representing his company.

You can find out more regarding our drug and alcohol service here.


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