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30th June 2017

Our motto here at David Barber Occupational Health is to “keep your employees healthy, productive and at work”.

Effective absence management helps your business keep costs down, keep your employees at work and manage them to their full capability.

Productivity is lost as soon as an employee calls in sick, that’s 3.5% of productive work lost per year. That doesn’t sound much does it? But if you total that up it equates to £16 billion to UK business, which is huge! (Personnel Today).

Proactive Management

Proactive management is a process of agreeing a return to work plan before someone leaves for planned absence – Medical procedure etc. This gives the employer an indication of how long agency staff or colleagues covering for that absence period will be needed. This can also look at the longer term effects of someone with a long term degenerative condition and the reasonable adjustments that will be required.

Reactive Management

Reactive management is managing someone back into the workplace after a sudden illness, either physical or mental. Using appropriate phased returns and reasonable adjustments, we can guide you to managing your employee back into work.
Work is good for you…believe it or not (Dame Carol Black Report 2008). It gives the employee financial remuneration, social engagement, routine and something constructive to do for their working period. Worklessness is counter-productive to an employee’s wellbeing and can lead to poor recovery and mental health problems.

The Aging Population In The Workplace

As the working population ages (Dame Carol Black 2013) we are seeing people in the workplace that have medical conditions that previously used to only affect retirees. Now they are in the workplace, you may benefit from medical advice to help manage this process.

Save Costs

Occupational Health can help your company save other costs, this may include an appearance in Employment Tribunal from disgruntled employees. If you can show that you have met your obligations and made reasonable adjustments that in turn accommodated their condition as far as possible, then the likelihood is that the company reputation will not suffer, or trade as a company from adverse publicity.

Why not let us help you to keep your employees healthy, productive and at work by getting in touch today and find out about our sickness management services.

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